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How do braces work in correcting your teeth?

Like if you got teeth problems(physical ones) like overlapping of teeth, how do braces work in correcting them to their normal state?

How do braces work in correcting your teeth?
Braces slowly move the teeth into the correction position so that any eating or speech problems may also be corrected. Much like the same way an erupting tooth with not much space to grow may shift other teeth in it's way, therefore making the other surrounsding teeth crooked.
Reply:when teeth are overlapping, braces help them slowly move back

into place when your teeth are still growing

Reply:okay well when they put your braces on they glue the brackets to the front of your teeth and place a wire through the slots in the braces. then they tighten this wire which puts gentle pressure on your teeth. this process pulls your teeth in the correct positions and holds them there. Then after braces are off you'll get a retainer(s) this holds your teeth in place so that they don't shift back again.


Deep Cleaning (Scaling and Root Planing) and wisdom teeth removal and braces?

my dentist recommended deep clean because i never had regular clean.

my orthodontics recommended braces to correct my deepbite

also he looked at my xray he told me to have 3 wisdom teeth removed before installing braces.

my question is when should i have my teeth cleaned(deep clean) 1.before wisdom teeth removal

2. after wisdom teeth removal.3 or after i had my braces

Deep Cleaning (Scaling and Root Planing) and wisdom teeth removal and braces?
enjoy the deep cleaning it sucks,

yes you should have the cleaning first, why you ask, your mouth will become healthy after that, so when you have the teeth pulled your mouth will heal faster,

have the deep cleaning before anything. your mouth will hate it at first but a week goes by and its all good
Reply:I would take his recommendation, but you would need to heal at least a month after the deep cleaning before removing the wisdom teeth unless they are hurting you now or significantly impacting your bite.

You should have your teeth cleaned before braces as they could take 1-2 years or far longer followed by a retainer. If you are facing periodontal disease, this deep cleaning can't wait.

Is this bad for my teeth or my braces?

i have braces on my top teeth only , had them for a little over a month,

i sometimes tend to accidently, hit my top teeth with my bottom, hit the top and bottom teeth together. it happens at least 3-5 a day every day.

will this have any bad or side effects, or mess up my fixing of the teeth

Is this bad for my teeth or my braces?
you should try not to do that because it isn't good for your teeth, but they may need to fix your bite. why do you only have the braces on the top? they usually need both arches to have the braces to fix your bite as well.
Reply:no technically it shouldnt have any afect on that ...but i would still advise your orthodontist that this happens just in case:)

How to keep your teeth clean with braces?

all my friends who have their braces off have stained, yellow patches on their teeth. it's really gross. does this happen to all braces wearers? how can i keep my teeth healthy and clean during my ortho treatment?

How to keep your teeth clean with braces?
Brush after every meal, floss daily (yes, under every wire %26amp; bracket) and use a fluoride rinse, such as ACT. There is a new paste out that prevents and aids in healing decalcification (the discoloration you referred to) from ortho - it is called MI Paste and you put in on topically before bed - no rinsing afterward - it now comes with fluoride in it too!! I've seen the results myself - as a hygienist, I often recommend it! A waterpik would help too!!
Reply:wash yout teeth after every meal and try to buy a colgate whitening gel or any good whitening system until your treatment ends, that should work good
Reply:get a waterpik and some proxy brushes, they sell both at target, they help immensly and make sure you brush your teeth 2-3 times a day no matter what and your breath smells bad more often because it gets caught in the braces so always have some breath mints on you just in case

and floss ALOT!!
Reply:i have braces and no that does not happen to all breaces wearers. it only happens if u neglect to keep them clean. what i do is first i use this brush that can go between the wires and scrub the brackets. my ortho calls it a Christmas tree brush cuz the actual brush looks like a treeshape. i clean through all the brackets and the wires. then i take my regular toothbrush and brush through once or twice. i do that routine twice a day. also if u have a lot of food stuck in ur braces it's a good idea to brush right away and clean them out. its not as hard to keep them clean and fresh as u might imagine. good luck!!!!!
Reply:Colgate Phos-Flur rinse each night after brushing. Brush your teeth often. Keep the little brush with you at all times. I have one in my purse and one in my bathroom to use when I cannot brush. Try to get the food off the teeth and out of the braces as soon as you can. Rinsing with water helps a bunch too.
Reply:I have braces too. Not everyone has the yellow stains, if you don't brush your teeth and floss your gums then they will appear. The stains will last a life time, they will never come off.You should brush your teeth atleast 2 times everyday. Preferably after each meal. Then to prevent your gums from bleeding, floss your teeth. You won't get the yellow stains as long as you do what your dentist/orthodontist says and everything will come out right.
Reply:It doesn't happen to everyone.

I had braces before and I never had yellow patches.

Just brush and floss your teeth after every meal and it'll be fine.

Don't worry!
Reply:The Sonicare brush is especially recommended for someone with braces. There are many different model designations, but the "motors" are all pretty much the same. The kits are different because they pack different accessories. Some have two brush heads and some have four. Some have a travel bag and some have a wall-mount charger instead of a counter top charger. Just read the label carefully and buy what you need. Bear in mind that you will have to replace the brush heads about every six months, so see if it is cheaper to buy a few extra brush heads in one of the kits.

Otherwise, buy a Sonicare, read and follow the directions. The directions are very clear and easy to understand.

If you want to try a Sonicare without taking out a loan, I've got good news for you. I just bought one for THIRTY DOLLARS. It uses two "AA" batteries, so you are not paying for a charger, etc. I have no idea how long the batteries last (yet), but $70 would buy a boat load of batteries. It seems to be equally effective as the rechargeable version when you are using new batteries.

Loose teeth while having braces?

I got my braces 2 months ago and my teeth feel loose. Is this normal? How loose is to loose?

Loose teeth while having braces?
They are most likely loose because the braces are moving them at such a rate the teeth are very movable and sensitive. Eventually they should be sturdy and stay in the position until all your teeth are straight. There's nothing to worry about.....unless you lose a tooth.......then go see your dentist.
Reply:I've worn braces and they're supposed to be like that. Your teeth are moving constantly because of braces, so of course they have to be loose. that's normal!!!
Reply:it's probably just because they are moving. i had braces for 2 years, but now they are off.

100 percent normal !!!!
Reply:They probablly just feel loose. When I had braces I felt the same way. So yes, I think it is normal!
Reply:I have worked for an orthodontist. Loose teeth move. So, they will be loose. If you are concerned, go see your orthodontist. I wouldn't worry too much at all.
Reply:Your braces are just doing their job. Stop checking to see if your teeth are loose. Thank you.

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Should I have my 12 year old's teeth bonded before braces?

My 12 year old son is getting braces next week but they want us to get it teeth bonded in front to fill in all the spaces he has between his teeth. I'm a bit concerned about this because right now his teeth arn't as white as they should be. He knows he will have to brush regularly with the braces on so what if this causes his natural teeth to be come whiter, will the bonding they do still blend in or will it stand out like a sore thumb? Also, I thought the point of getting the braces was to fill in the spaces between the teeth so why is the bonding even necessary? I'm really confused and the answer I was given by the denist just doesn't make sense to me. Thanks in advance!

Should I have my 12 year old's teeth bonded before braces?
I assume your son can still chew food just fine. Bonding is a cosmetic fix for small spaces that is used after braces or in lieu of braces. It doesn't make sense to get both. The braces should pull the teeth to fill in the spaces and it will take time to do that. The dentist is probably trying to show immediate results. I would recommend finding an orthodontist or a different dentist.

Regarding bonding, a dentist should match the color of the bonding to the teeth so they should blend perfectly and you shouldn't be able to tell the bonding is there even if you are inches away from their face. If the dentist can't match, they are not a good eye for cosmetics.

Teeth stain naturally and would only get whiter if your son is using whitening toothpaste or other tooth whiteners. If anything the teeth will get darker and at that point the bonding will need to be replaced.
Reply:NO! I have bonded teeth because of chips, and when I got braces, the glue used to stick the brackets to the tooth would not adhere well to the bonded teeth. After a week or so, the brackets would just pop off. Eventually I had to get the type of brackets that they use for molars, and because of that, everyone always told me that I has tin foil stuck in my braces.

Is teeth shifting after braces removal inevitable?

After I got my braces removed years ago, I gradually stopped using my retainers and now I can see that my teeth shifted --- not a whole lot but enough that I can notice it(bummer). As a result, obviously, my old retainers don't fit anymore. Is there anything I can do about this ( I mean I know it's pretty much my fault lol)?

Is teeth shifting after braces removal inevitable?
I had my braces taken off about 5 years ago and I've been wearing retainers on my top teeth every night since then. I'm going to the dentist in the first week of May to see if there is a more permanent option because wearing retainers for life is not an option that I want to deal with. I think that the shifting is inevitable.
Reply:I also have the same problem. My dentist said I would have to get braces again. But depending on how severe ur teeth have moved, ur dentist may do the mold again and give u new retainers. But mines recommend braces again since I can't fit into my old ones and my teeth are almost back to the way they were. But see ur ortho, they may have some solutions. Good luck!
Reply:Yes. When I got my braces off I could tell a difference when I took my retainers out in the morning and when I put them in at night. I got my wisdom teeth removed a couple years ago %26amp; over 3-4 weeks (while my mouth was SUPER swollen %26amp; sore) I could not put my retainers in. My teeth moved so fast! So, I just got braces back on to fix what hapened after I had my wisdom teeth removed...

My options were to either get new reatiners to hold what I had, get braces back on to fix them or do nothing. I chose to fix them.
Reply:it is a must that you wear your retainer after getting your braces removed, anything less is like giving away money. OMG, i feel soo bad for you because you have to do something now, not later, you may need to go and see your general dentist just to see if he/she has any idea's other than going back into ortho. There is Invisalign and they are great, they're a series of clear aligners that you change every two weeks and the results are so nice. They're clear so you can wear them and people not really notice them, you don't have to worry about the possiblilty of decay (as with brackets). Or maybe they can fit you for another retainer that you must wear, especially at night, when the body is at rest, that's when the teeth move. Good luck, peace 2 u.

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